107 SHELTER Yoga Dome - Dia. 15m Geodesic Dome Fitness

99 SHELTER Yoga Dome - Dia. 15m Geodesic Dome Fitness

SHELTER Yoga Dome - Geodesic Dome Fitness Center - Transparent Geodome in Backyard

105 SHELTER Yoga Dome - Dia. 30 m Geodesic Dome Fitness

YOGA DOME creates natural environment and atmosphere for yoga practicing in backyard or poolside. Depend on the size of the geodesic dome, you can set up a personal place in the garden or a large classroom with a number of people. Thanks to the geodesic shapes, dome tent construction offers stable interior space without any support and reliable practicing room in the windy area. The max. snow load of such dome can reach to 80kg/sqm, you can hang equipment for aerial yoga under yoga dome.

Block-out white PVC fabric can be insulated UV and heat. At the same time, the transparent front part will allow you to enjoy the beautiful natural environment while practicing. Skylight windows ensure enough sunlight come into the tent.

Features of Yoga Dome

SHELTER Yoga Dome frames are made by galvanized steel tube (powder coated). The frame is in perfect conjunction with the geodesic design, creates a firmly strong structure by using a minimal amount of material.

Features of Framework
Glossy appearance; anti-rust; chemical resistance; high hardness; weather resistance (max. windload: 100km/h)

Interior Design
All of the geodesic dome frames are connected with the stainless connection without any support inside. Unlimited to the valuable layout.

Fix the Frame
Our yoga dome can be installed on any surface including grass, concrete and sand land.

With the modular design, the geodesic dome can be packed down into the small package which is convenient in delivery and set up.


The material of cover membrane is PVC coated polyester fabric. Thanks to the smooth surface of the fabric, the dirt is easy to clean and keep the bright interior last for 10 years.

  • Waterproof
  • UV and heat resistance
  • Euro (DIN4102, B1, M2) and American (NFPA 701) fire retardant standard
  • Scratch and tear resistance

Size Option for Yoga Dome
Diameter Covered Area Size Tent Height Capacity
4m / 13ft 12.56sqm / 135.19sq ft 2.3m / 7.5ft 8 – 12
5m / 16ft 19.63sqm / 221.30sq ft 2.9m / 9.5ft 13 – 20
6m / 20ft 28.26sqm / 304.19sq ft 3m / 9.8ft 18 – 28
7m / 22ft 38.48sqm / 414.20sq ft 3.5m / 11.4ft 25 – 38
8m / 26ft 50.24sqm / 540.78sq ft 4m / 13.1ft 33 – 50
9m / 30ft 63.59sqm / 684.48sq ft 4m / 13.1ft 42 – 63
10m / 32ft 78.50sqm / 844.97sq ft 4.4m / 14.4ft 53 – 78
15m / 50ft 176.6sqm / 1900.91sq ft 6.7m / 21.9ft 117 – 176
20m / 65ft 314sqm / 3379.87sq ft 11.1sqm / 36.4ft 200 – 300
25m / 82ft 490.6sqm / 5280.78sq ft 12.5m / 41.0ft 320 – 490
30m / 100ft 706.5sqm / 7604.70sq ft 13m / 42.6ft 470 – 700
35m / 100ft 961.6sqm / 10350.5sq ft 14m / 45.9ft 640 – 900
40m / 100ft 1256sqm / 13519.4sq ft 15m / 49.2ft 800 – 1000

SHELTER Yoga Dome - SHELTER Yoga Dome - Door Option for Geodesic Dome - Hoop Doors

Hoop Door

Our standard entrance is circular hoop door. Round door is perfect for large spaces and connecting other domes. The size of the door is depend on the covered diameter, for example, 1.2×1.8m door is designed for dome with 4 – 6m diameter

SHELTER Yoga Dome - SHELTER Yoga Dome - Door Option for Geodesic Dome - Hoop Doors with Zipper

Hoop Door with Zipper

For closing the door conveniently, we will design the hoop door with zipper.

SHELTER Yoga Dome - SHELTER Yoga Dome - Door Option for Geodesic Dome - Aluminum Folding Door

Aluminum Folding Door

Aluminum folding door is not elegant for interior appearance but also good for privacy and security.

geodesic yoga dome door option 2

The doors we mentioned above are the standard option for our client. The shape of the door can be customized by your special need.

SHELTER Yoga Dome - Windows Options of Yoga Dome - Bay Windows of Geodesic Dome - Front Transparent

Bay Windows

Bay windows is well-known as front transparent design in geodesic dome construction. The transparent fabric is pasted by hot pressed which creates good performance in tear resistance.

SHELTER Yoga Dome - Windows Options of Yoga Dome - Skylight Window of Geodesic Dome

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows allow the natural sunlight come in the yoga dome by the transparent vinyl.

geodesic yoga dome window option 2

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