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94 SHELTER Tennis Court Construction - Indoor Tennis Court Structures - Sports Tent

18 x 36m - SHELTER Badminton Court - Indoor Badminton Court Dimension - Price for Building Tennis Court -3
18 x 36m Standard Tennis Court with Green Fabric

30 x 168m - SHELTER Badminton Court - Indoor Badminton Court Dimension - Price for Building Tennis Court
30 x 168m Badminton Court with Rain Gutter Connection

60 x 100m - SHELTER Badminton Court - Indoor Badminton Court Dimension - Price for Building Tennis Court
60 x 100m Indoor Badminton Court with Polygonal Structure

Relocatable and Expandable Indoor Badminton Court

A sustainable sports structure will create more benefit for sports space which will face the unexpected crowd. Tensioned fabric indoor badminton court is both relocatable and expandable. Our indoor badminton court is transportable for removing to any location by modular parts. They can also be disassembled into small components for storing in a warehouse. Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) have the large potential to handle any capacity and interior facilities.

Long Lifespan
With the superior frame (hard pressed aluminum alloy T6061/T6) and covered membrane (totally waterproof PVC coated fabric, UV resistance, Fire retardant ) material, our indoor badminton court can be last many years. Compared with the permanent building, the maintenance fee will be much cheaper.

Climate Controlled
In the middle of the Summer, the climate will be unbearable for the people playing badminton. Fabric badminton structures provide protection from the strong sunlight and UV harm. In addition, we also create temperature controlled space by HVAC systems.

Cost-effective Solution
Building a permanent building for the new sports complex is incredibly expensive and hard to be supplied. Fabric structures are unlimited in foundation and land permission.

Indoor Badminton Court Dimension & Accessories

Cover Area
Capacity Accessories
Court Number Auditorium(Seat)
18 x 30m 4m;
Customized Height
8.79m 5m 100km/h 1 300 Floor System
Non-slip Plastic Floor;
Wooden Floor.
ABS Solid Wall;
Sandwich Panel;
Steel Color Panel;
Pure PVC Fabric.
Sliding Door;
Roller Shutter Door;
Single/ Double Wing(s) Glass Door
Inflatable Gable System;
Exhaust Fan;
Ventilation Windows;
Air Conditioner;
Heat-insulation Layer.
20 x 30m 9.17m 1 400
25 x 40m 10.30m 1 – 2 500
30 x 40m 11.30m 1 – 5 600 – 800
35 x 40m 11.30m 1 – 6 800 – 1,000
40 x 40m 11.30m 1 – 7 1,000 – 1,500

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