Overview of Double Decker Tent

Expanding the Unlimited Space by Two Story Tent

Shelter Double Decker Tent (also called two storey tent, two story, multi-level structures) provides the expanding space by creating additional floor where the land area in limited. Double decker system can be used in different roof shape: “A” frame, curved roof, cube roof, multi-peak.
Expanding the dimension of your sports lounge with our double decker tents. Adding two or three level construction will show the remarkable function of our two story tent.
The length of Shelter double-decker lounge can be unlimited by its modular unit. Our structures can be customizable to fit any capacity depend on your needs.
Shelter offers a series of accessories for designing the interior and exterior of the double decker lounge. Including, staircase, balcony handrail, glass wall, ABS solid wall, flooring system, aluminum doors, lighting and more. Taking your lounge hall to the next level by setting high-quality accessories.

Products of Double Decker Lounge

SHELTER Football Hospitality Hall Suites - Two Story Lounge Tent with Curved Roof -3
Two Story Football Hospitality Tent
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Shelter Sport Tent - Sports Arena - Golf Tent - Double Decker Lounge
Lounge Tent with Double Decker Structures
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