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What Kinds of Structures you Will Get in Shelter?
AShelter is the expert of Clear Span Aluminum Fabric Structures. Compare with the traditional pole tent, clear span structures create a whole interior space without any obstruction. In addition, hard pressed aluminum alloy frame and totally waterproof PVC fabric have outstanding performance in weather protection, climate controlled and long-term use. Modular construction allows the sports tent installation and storing easily, relocatable in any location and land surface.
What is the Standard Size of The Sports Tents?
AFor different application and capacity, Shelter’s sport arena can be chosen in 15m – 60m width. And the length will be unlimited by adding or decreasing bay distance (3m or 5m). The standard height of the tent is 2.7m. Of course, the different application will need the different height. Customized design is allowed in Shelter.
Where Can We Ship to?
AWe offer worldwide delivery service, no matter where you are, Shelter can meet you need in effective manner. Please provides the nearest port name in your side.
Have Oversea Rental Service or Buy Only?
AFor more economical solution, Shelter do not provide oversea rental service. Shelter is sports tent manufacturer, so you will get the factory price which is without extra fee like the commission from trade company. At the same time, our sales manager will offer the turnkey solution for individual need including the climate of the location. Lastly, you can save a lot of shipping fee when you buy the tents.
How long will a Shelter Sport Arena Structure last
What is the structures Life-span?
AIn reasonable use situation, The aluminum alloy frame can be last over 30 years. And the PVC fabric is guaranteed up to 20 years. In addition, future replacement frame and membranes will in more economical price.
Where can i installed the sports cover
ANo matter where you are, Shelter will offer you perfect solution. For the different land surface, we offer different fixation method for you. In cement land, expansion bolts will be strong to fix the structures stable. If you want to protect the land without any destroy, you can set up weight basket for each side leg or four concern. The weight of each basket needs to be 200kg at least. For grassland, we offer steel stake to fix the sports tents.
Can Shelter sport structure be relocated?
AShelter structures can be dismantled, transported, rebuilt for any location and application. This is an common and cost-effective solution.
Can I Expand or Reduce the Sports Structures in the Future?
AThanks to the professional modular construction, Shelter sport structures is built with transportable and modular parts. You can expand the length unlimited by adding a modular profile which is the same size as you have installed. As the same time, if you want to reduce the size of the tent, you can dismantle some of the profile and store in a warehouse.
Is engineering fee included in Price?
AThe price is depend on your requirement including the profile size, sidewall, door, floor, application etc. The base price of the tent is including the aluminum alloy frame and waterproof PVC fabric for covered. Except for it, installation fee will be also included. We will send our project manager and engineer to your job-site to provide installation guidance.

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